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We help you take greater advantage of the web and mobile with Enterprise Apps, Interactive Tours and Targeted Media to drive sales and adoptions. And we help your iPads and tablets, a.k.a. the Greatest Business Tools Ever Created, reach their potential. We put them to work in an apps framework that’s a true game changer.

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Go Way Beyond Email and Web Browsing.

Your mobile devices are smart, and it’s time they started acting like it. MindBlazer’s Launch Pad framework is a single app that connects your work force to your system so they’re both in sync. Accurate, actionable data is delivered at the speed of thought.

Integrates With...

MindBlazer Launch Pad integrates with facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, iTunes Podcasts

Connects To...

MindBlazer Launch Pad connects to the cloud, Microsoft SharePoint, web services, salesforce.com

Supported On...

MindBlazer Launch Pad runs on Apple iOS, Google Android, and coming soon on Windows Phone and BlackBerry Playbook

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Drive Activations by Letting Prospects Experience Your Software.

For people to adopt, they need to understand how and why to use your platform. MindBlazer provides an interactive experience that lets them try some features. For people on the fence, taking a test drive seals the deal.

Plays On...

MindBlazer's intereactive tours can playback using Adobe Flash or HTML5

Created Using...

MindBlazer's intereactive tours can playback using Adobe Flash or HTML5

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Engage Customers & Motivate Sales Through Education.

Financial products can be confusing. Personal URL (Purl's) and MoneyMinutes.TV removes the mystery about dozens of retail, consumer and business topics. Syndicated content is available immediately, or can be customized. B-to-B and B-to-C custom websites support sales efforts and deliver your message to specific audiences.

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